At Medical Sale Center , we value diversity as the inclusion and collaboration of a variety of backgrounds, experiences, thinking, expertise, and individual qualities across all organizational levels. We encourage our employees to be themselves and empower them to unleash their true potential. This allows different ideas and approaches to thrive.

We aim to develop a working environment of inclusion that gives every employee an opportunity to be their true selves and contribute. For us as a company, diversity is an important starting point for innovation.

An inclusive, innovative company

We are on our way, taking one step at a time, all the time

We believe that our differences make us stronger and enable us to be the innovative company we pride ourselves on. Innovation comes from change, and change takes time and persistence. That‘s why we are working on diversity and inclusion every day.

Medical Sale Center Tim Noppert – Up Close & Personal

My name is Tim Noppert, owner of the Medical Sale Center. Thank you for visiting our website.

I started Medical Sale Center about five years ago. Today, our main focus is still on products for medical protections. 

I enjoy helping  our clients as good as I can – through our suppliers’ capabilities or by referring them to other manufacturers in our extended network if that is a better option. Finding solutions in helping customers develop better healthcare products is the most rewarding part of the job.
Being confronted with all types of medical protection accessors and their uses on a daily basis makes you very much aware of how important availability of good healthcare is for everyone, and how a bit of awareness and  daily exercise can help you personally in staying healthy. Personally, I enjoy going outdoors a few times a week and making a nice ride on my road bike or mountain bike.

At Medical Sale Center, we strive in getting a good understanding of what it is that customers are trying to achieve with a certain component and how it is designed.  Receiving trust is always a good feeling. If customers include you and allow you to be involved in their thought processes and challenges you become a team in looking at options – and a winning team in finding the best solutions to move forward with!